Adir Venaor

Adir Venaor

Adir Venaor

An edible installation inspired by festivities of light from Christmas, Hanukkah, Chaharshanbe Suri, Yule, etc., marked by the winter solstice which becomes present by the sun’s retreat in the sky. It is the time in which we gather to celebrate in communion the last light of the year.  Adir Venaor,  which means “immense and full of light,” addresses the theme of diasporas and celebrates “ignored” stories and traditions that are also part of “mestizaje.” From the converso  Jews to the crypto-Muslims, including the African presence in Mexico, this piece incorporates different symbols and representations of light with symbolic elements such as oil lamps, candles and ingredients that include oil, saffron, pistachios, rose water, aged cheese, and dried fruits.


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