La Que Ahuyentó a los Que Nos Comían

“La que ahuyentó a los que nos comían” (tlecuatlahlope)

Edible installation celebrating cultural diversity and diasporas who contribute to collective identity.  This piece inspired by the Virgin of Guadalupe Tonántzin, symbol of miscegenation and pop icon in Latin American culture, explores the cultural and symbolic meaning of food creating a metaphor about the experience of immigration.  The artwork is inspired in dessert recipes using ingredients that historically have detonated the movement of people around the glove, from Asia to Europe to the discovery of America and the constructions of modern nations.  Tlecuatlahlope invites the viewer to a different aesthetic experience stimulating the senses with flavors and aromas of coffee, black pepper, vanilla, oranges and chocolate connecting the rituals of eating with collective identity.


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