Electa ut sol

Electa ut sol, pozo de agua viva,
luz escondida. Peso de plata,
identidad perdida, vestida de sol.

Inspired by the festivities of the Immaculate Conception and a tribute to the cultural diversity of Oaxaca, this edible installation celebrates the diasporas that converged in Mexico.

A Khatim (eight-pointed star), made out of blue and red corn husks, awaits the
woman crowned by twelve stars and dressed with the sky. An oil lamp casts its light from a Oaxacan chocolate fountain while eight baskets with steamy tamales honor the eight
regions of Oaxaca. This installation incorporates symbols and flavors of several cultural regions of Mexico, Europe, and the Arab world; it questions the monolithic concept of identity and raises questions through performance about the rituals of food
and the presence of the divine in everyday life.


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