Thirty-Six Tales of Negotiation and Taste

Installation view

Thirty-Six Tales of Negotiation and Taste is a series of research-based artworks inspired by historical negotiation of power and rituals. It comprises of 3 works that explore the common
threads between Mexico and Japan. Many are drawn from the aesthetics of beverages and rituals that changed the course of history, such as encounters with Western colonialism. 

The first piece combines the Japanese Book of Tea, John Tenniel’s illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and a 1775 map of Boston (referring the Boston Tea Party).



The second piece is inspired by the aesthetics of chocolate, a product of the exchange between the Manila Galleon with the New Spain. The piece transforms utensils through the Japanization of traditional jícaras (vessels) from the market of Oaxaca.

The third piece is an edible installation connecting Hasami, Japanese tradition of flower viewing, with the structure of Mexican markets as meeting point among cultures, one where the normative order is thrown out of balance. This edible portion is based on Casta paintings, 18th century portraits from Mexico that represent images of mixed race families, transformed into mixed-flavor Japanese traditional rice cakes.


The project was produced during a one month artists residency at Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, Japan.


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